City Attractions

Munich Airport

Neues Rathaus and Glockenspiel

The Marienplatz is the heart of Munich and the site of the world-famous Glockenspiel. Climb to the top of the 85-meter tower for a beautiful view of the city. Watch the mechanical dancers in the tower of the New Town Hall come to life when the clock chimes at 11AM and 12AM (and 5PM in the summer).

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Munich Cathedral or Frauenkirche

I went all the way to the famous landmark of Munich, the cathedral or Frauenkirche to see the devil's footprint carved inside. According to the local myth, the devil did a deal with the architect in the middle ages promising to fund the cathedral if he did not build any Windows there. The devil was of course tricked. The columns apparently hid the windows and he was so angry that he stomped out of the cathedral leaving his footprint. It's so windy out here and they say that the devil left the wind behind here as well. Well, myths are of course just stories and you can see Windows here today in the cathedral which has been rebuilt several times over the years

Michael Jackson memorial

Across the most famous Bayerischer Hof where Micheal Jackson stayed , is a little space on the pavement where fans have created a memorial for their late idol. Flowers and candles are offered by fans who have filled the memorial with photographs. As I stood there, a lady came in a cycle to clean up and light up candles. We both stood here in silence for a while until it was time to leave.

BMW Museum

You don't visit Munich and leave without heading to the BMW Museum. Interestingly BMW started manufacturing engines of aeroplanes before cars and bikes and the area around the Olympic stadium around by was an airport earlier where BMW used to test their birds. Today the museum takes you into a world of automobiles - bikes, cars and planes. What is fascinating is the design of the museum itself which looks like a salad bowl or a cauldron. I got a bit lost here looking at some of the old and futuristic models before buying a small souvenir for my self .

Nymphenburg Palace

Just imagine for a moment. You are in world surrounded by nymphs. The Nymphenburg Palace might be not in the city centre but its one of the most beautiful Baroque Palace in the city that you must not miss. Schloss Nymphenburg as its called is the summer residence of the kings of Bavaria. built in the 17th century. The gardens add to the old world charm. You can visit some of the rooms here which show you the splendour of the kings. Watch out for the paintings on the ceiling and the ornate chandeliers . There are smaller palaces here in the complex as well. You would almost need an entire day to spend here. There is even a honey moon corner for the romantic couples but you need to book well in advance. Go on a gondola ride at sunset and feel like royalty.

Olympic Stadium and Tower

The Munich Olympics may have got over in 1972 but the legendary stadium and tower still continues to beckon both tourists and locals. Even if you are not an ardent sports fan, take a charming old fashioned train and go on a tour. You can go on a tour of the stadium, the second largest in the world along with the Olympics Hall and the Swimming Pool. The architecture is fascinating and you can climb on the roof and look down at the stadium or if you are adventurous, then take the zipline tour and go on a flying fox tour as well. The tower stands at 200 metres and you have viewing platforms at 190 metres from where you get breathtaking views of the city, including the Alps on the a clear day. Take a break and have lunch at the revolving Restaurant 181, where you can get into high spirits by watching the city beneath your feet with a glass of beer in your hands.

New Town Hall and Glockenspeil

The New Town Hall or the Neues Rathas was built in the 19th century and it stands tall at... at Marienplatz in the city centre. But the main attraction is the Rathaus Glockenspeil a spectacle that happens thrice a day at 11 am and 12 pm and at 5 pm only in summer. There are 43 bells and 32 life sized puppets which come alive and dance for you . The first story narrates the wedding of Duke Wilhelm V with Renate of Lorraine and there is a little duel between between knights of Bavaria and Lothringen. No prizes to guessing who wins of course. One of the prettiest and charming spectacles, there is also a Coopers dance , a 16th century dance and then a rooster pops up to close the ceremony that lasts for about 15 minutes.